Dishes of Berlin

Why is Berlin the way it is? And why does Berlin eat the way it eats? Where does the food come from, who brought and invented it and under what circumstances? And what exactly are typical Berlin dishes, old and new? I wanted to get to the bottom of all these questions. So I set out on a culinary research. During this research, my appetite for knowledge about the history of Berlin’s cityscape also grew and so I decided  to combine the dishes with Berlin landmarks and create a 14 page, printed booklet out of it. The combination of the respective food with a landmark is not subject to any historical connection or other factual connection.

The Cst Berlin East typeface used in the booklet for the continuous text is an interpretation of the typeface used for street signs in the east of the city. The font Erbar Condensed Bold used for the headlines alludes to the Erbar Grotesque, which is considered the model for the old West Berlin street signs.

Further Projects